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Orion Healthcare Services

We are a USA based healthcare services company. We employ healthcare professionals across the world. We have our clinics, labs, senior care centres, and also have huge network of hospitals and medical staff in the USA.

With the huge demand of medical professionals across the world, our focus is to provide most appropriate job suited to healthcare professionals based on their own interest, situations, barriers and expectations. The biggest value Orion offers is the flexibility our employees get in deciding their employment plan.

We have a solid team of medical and administrative staff to support you in every aspect – from preparing you, training you, migrating you and finally settling you and your family in the USA.

USA being the best country to work, live and raise your children, immigration process in the USA is complex and time consuming. Hence we have built an impeccable immigration lawyer network who have proven to handle complex situations in the visa and immigration process. Once you qualify and commit to the USA, we will make sure you prepare, get the job and move to the USA with your family.

Orion Healthcare Services is a growing company. We are growing due the trust we have built and transparency we provide. We look forward you work with you as well.

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Orion Healthcare Team

You join us and be trusted.

We Cater to All Healthcare Professionals